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What is the use of Myra ?

Myra allows to formalize the manual procedures of a company.
To illustrate Myra's utility, let us take the case of the reception of an invoice by your company.

Step 1

Receipt of the invoice

The secretarial department receives an invoice to have to validate and deal. He encodes him in his tool of archive and send it to the accountant to verify the validity of this one.

Step 2

Accounting check

The accountant verifies the validity of the invoice (available on the accounts, the sufficient data, ...). If it is correct, it is sent to the manager.

Step 3

Validation by a manager

A manager gives his agreement to pay this invoice.

Step 4


The accountant pays the invoice and the envoit to the secretarial department for archiving.

Step 5


The secretarial department archives the invoice.

What are the problems ?

Only by basing on this example, we can notice that without a tool allowing to centralize this sequence of steps, several problems can arise.

  • A user can forget or not make everything or a part of his stage.
  • If one of the actors of the procedure is not present, nobody can resume his work without knowing beforehand the execution of its stage.
  • No follow-up of the stage in which is an invoice cannot be visible without questioning the various actors.
  • If a stage is adapted, there is no way to warn the actors of this stage automatically.